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The Challenge

Sphere Connect has worked with ACES Europe (European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation) since we started in April 2017, based upon Michelle’s role as UK & Ireland President which commenced in 2015.

We are recognised as leaders in the international sport and commerce field by ACES Europe and for our extensive strategic knowledge and experience and ability to deliver successfully on a range of diverse and complex projects. Our aim through Michelle’s key role with ACES being to identify suitable towns, cities and locations across the UK and Ireland to be candidates for World and European Sports Awards. Michelle is also engaged to work as an Evaluation Committee member ACES promotes physical activity and healthy living across more than 500 destinations.

The Process

In the UK to date, we have helped Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes to be successful candidates and win awards as European Cities of Sport and we have taken part in assessments including Budapest, Malaga, Banska in Slovakia, and Andalucia. We have supported the UK cities with the candidature, application process, and planning for their year as an awarded city and undertake an ‘ambassadorial’ role for ACES Europe.

The Solution

Bringing people together

The partnership between Sphere Connect and ACES Europe remains very strong, with us being given the opportunity in the UK and Ireland to launch two exclusive new ACES initiatives – a University City of Sport award, and ‘Bike City’. Using our expertise and well-established networks, Sphere Connect remain the exclusive partner for ACES Europe and have been appointed as Strategic Partner for the UK & Ireland for a related organisation – the European Platform for Sport Innovation – to help us develop projects and funding opportunities.

The Result

Having, through our networks, identified and supported UK cities to win awards as well as being engaged in assessing a range of other European destinations, Sphere Connect is now embarking upon taking ACES UK & Ireland to the next level, with the full support of the ACES Europe President who, in 2020 appointed Michelle as the President for Ireland as well as the UK.

Gian Francesco Lupattelli, President of ACES Europe

“Michelle was the first female Delegate and President to be appointed by ACES Europe since it was founded in 1999. Michelle has worked tirelessly to help destinations such as Stoke on Trent, Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes to secure the prestigious European City of Sport awards. She has a key role on the Evaluation Committee for the awards assessment process and has undertaken visits for a number of destinations across Europe, including Hungary, Slovakia, Spain and the UK. Supported by her team in the UK & Ireland she has taken ACES Europe to a much higher level since 2015”.