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Cycle races & events for a Local Authority

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The Challenge

For a number of years, Michelle had been a SweetSpot client as the lead chief lead officer with a large city Local Authority, hosting professional cycle races and delivering significant return on investment through wider animation of these events. In 2016, upon leaving the Local Authority, Michelle was invited to work with SweetSpot and Sphere Connect became a key partner focused on securing host locations for cycle races

The Process

Using our unique network within the public and commercial sectors and broad experience within the sport and leisure sector, especially around the cycling industry and events, Sphere Connect has become a core partner for SweetSpot not only in working with potential host locations, but also in supporting hosts to plan and deliver high quality events that maximise the ROI and public engagement and we consistently get commercial sponsors on board to partner with local authorities to stage these events.

The Solution

Bringing people together

Having built up a successful partnership with SweetSpot, we now lead on engagement with major local authority clients, providing specialist advice  and securing regional multi-year deals for professional cycle race events. We bring together national and international partners across the cycling world and beyond to help hosts to make their events successful and to add value in terms of wider targets around health, well-being and sustainable transport.

The Result

The partnership between SweetSpot and Sphere Connect has become a long-term relationship and we are planning events for 2021 onwards. Despite Covid-19, in 2020 we have supported SweetSpot with the  ‘Virtual’ Women’s Tour and have extended our network to include partners and suppliers ranging from pro cycling teams and top cycling brands, to events and PR support and major NGOs who can help us to ‘make things happen’.

Mick Bennett, Race Director, SweetSpot Group

“Having worked with Michelle for over a decade on professional cycling events, I have come to greatly respect her ability to deliver, high levels of professionalism, expertise all of which combined with innovative ability provides an outstanding asset to our sector. At SweetSpot, we are delighted to have her and the team at Sphere Connect as our national Events Specialists, Locations and Sponsorship Partner and their results over the years speak for themselves”.