3 years ago

Sphere Connect MD hailed European Cycling Directeur!

Our MD Michelle Vorel-Adams has gained further recognition for her efforts to get everyone on their bikes to support physical and mental health.

When she’s not running Sphere Connect, Michelle is the UK & Ireland President for ACES Europe – the European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation which promotes physical activity and healthy living across more than 600 destinations.

Michelle has a special reason to be passionate about cycling. Earlier this year she rode back to full fitness after being treated for DVT.  Her 30-day cycling marathon, #RIDE2020UK covering 2020km, raised over £5000 for the Royal Stoke Hospital and plans are in the pipeline for cyclists UK-wide to get involved in a national NHS cycling fundraiser next year.

Now ACES officials have bestowed a great honour on Michelle, naming her their very own European Cycling Directeur as she gets behind a new awards programme recognising cycling destinations and organisations that stand out from the rest.

ACES Europe President Gian Francesco Lupattelli, said: “In one year Michelle has done more to promote cycling than anyone we know. She has shared her own very personal battle with the media to inspire others to adopt our mission of sport and health for all. Not only that, hospitals across Britain are set to benefit from #RIDE2021UK.

“Michelle is the perfect fit for the role of our new Cycling Directeur and we look forward to progressing the cycling awards programme in coming months.”

She said: “Cycling is a hot topic, especially in the UK as it tackles Covid and an obesity problem. The pandemic has highlighted the need to stay fit and I am delighted to take on the official role of ‘European Cycling Directeur’ to help promote cycling for fitness and sustainability, getting commuters out of cars and onto bikes.”

Meanwhile Michelle and Phil ride hundreds of miles every week taking in all terrain destinations, come rain or shine.

Watch out for their cycling tips on social media.